This text is an exploration of the tradition of yoga in the framework of the yogasutras.  It draws on texts from early buddhism, the vedas, the upanisads and so on related to specific sutras.  This draws on tradition up to 1500 years before the sutras themselves.  Then it goes forward into the tantric and saiva texts, the kashmiris, the vacanakaras, the siddhantins and so on relating some of their material, often direct comments on the sutras themselves, allowing us a glimpse of what took place 1500 years after the sutras. 

This reveals that ideas like kundalini and so on were part of a spiritual anatomy prevalent from the earliest times and that yoga, contrary to its present position, has always been an attempt to penetrate consciousness.  

The text aims at explication or meaning of the practices and concepts referred to in the yoga sutra.

The quotations used for the text are usually given in the original language and translated.

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