Yoga Touchstone

Yoga Touchstone has a section of essays and a section of pictures.

The essays draw on a deep traditional knowledge of the original texts that has been tempered through actual practice and the study of practice traditions.  The historical ground for this has been cleared by Sjoman in his earlier book The Yoga Tradition of the Mysore Palace.  The essays draw also on theories of movement that are slowly supplanting the reductionist ideas of the body, the legacy from anatomical art and science.  The results are enriching – it leads to unique interpretations of Patanjali’s sutras and concepts that are prominent in metaphysical knowledge systems.  Sjoman’s work is learned and fresh.  His insights cannot be neglected or dismissed. 

The pictures in the book of Sri Dattatreya are equally refreshing.  These photographs are not illustrative although they surely serve as illustration for asanas.  They are unique in the world of yoga. They are part of a landscape speaking a language of transcendence, beauty and place.  

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